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Our Story

It's time for change.

We’re Alexis and Leslie, the co-founders of Burgundy Fox. We're two friends who met while working at a startup in San Francisco. We learned a lot about building a digital company from scratch and also about each oher. We saw each other grow into more confident and empowered women. We shared openly about our childhood, the times we felt 'less than' as young girls because there was such a defined standard of beauty and gender. As the saying goes, "what you can't see, you can't be."

Together we said, no more. Let's create that empowering and uplifting narrative, an experience where all women can feel celebrated at any size, orientation or color. Burgundy Fox is our way of creating that world, beginning with an industry full of outdated standards and intimidation, lingerie. The shopping experience has always been daunting, making many of us feel embarassed and less than ideal about our bodies. We went to the drawing board and created an entirely new experience that curates towards your needs, in the privacy of your own home. Welcome, Burgundy Fox is a place that empowers and celebrates you exactly as you are.

Our Values


We listen with open hearts and minds to deeply understand and better serve our community.


We challenge assumptions and seek insights, so we continuously create better experiences.


We foster an inclusive ecosystem around all people reaching their fullest potential.


We choose to be compassionate and grateful toward each other and ourselves.

The Team

Leslie Wong, Co-founder, CEO

Alexis Jenkins, Co-founder

Natalie Franke, Advisor

Hugh Hayes, Advisor

Alison Scott, Support

John Barlow, Operations

Sommar Veverka, Marketing

For every box bought, we donate a new undergarment to I Support The Girls.

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