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Our Story

Hi! Thanks for being here. In 2017, I founded Burgundy Fox because I saw a better way to buy lingerie.

I was in a long distance relationship with my now husband and wanted to find something cute and comfortable to wear. I never loved shopping in malls but something about lingerie stores was especially uncomfortable to me. I was new to this somewhat taboo category of apparel and being asked personal questions by a stranger in a dressing room was intimidating. Kind of like the very first time you go to a restaurant and look at the wine menu. You don’t know Merlot from Bordeaux. Throw in some deeply seeded body insecurities and it’s enough to make you sweat, turn around and dash.

I went to a boutique near my apartment one day after work and the same old uncomfortable dance happened. The associate would ask me questions, hand me items that were totally not my style, I'd try them on, start to judge myself in the mirror, answer more questions and then usually leave empty-handed. In a time when we could do anything online, I knew there was a better (more private and personalized) way to do this and Burgundy Fox was born.

I created Burgundy Fox at a time in my life when I was discovering true self-confidence in spite of societal standards and expectations. From the time was a 10 year old girl, I had grown up trying so hard to look a certain way in order to be accepted. No where more than lingerie is that pressure present. I approached 30 and slowly stopped being at war with myself. I wanted to create something that celebrated diversity and helped young Leslie realize she was always enough.

If all bodies were celebrated, we’d realize the permission to love ourselves. I reimagined the lingerie shopping experience from beginning to end, into one that’d inspire that permission and turn lingerie shopping into a fun, easy and empowering celebration of self. I hope you enjoy finding your foxy, as I have mine.


Leslie Wong Guido


P.S. Curious what Burgundy Fox means? I believe there's a 'fox' inside us all, a confident and courageous woman (think Foxy Brown or Queen Bey as Foxy Cleopatra). As a "wine hobbyist" something smooth and bold like Burgundy felt right. We not only love helping you find items you feel amazing in, but sharing content that lets you dream big and live large. I hope you are inspired to find your foxy, each and every day.

Our Values


We listen openly and share honestly so we can better serve our communities.


We practice honest inquiry and commit to seeking more knowledge.


We are an inclusive community that advocates empathy and equality for all.


We choose to be compassionate and grateful toward each other and ourselves.


Leslie Wong, Founder

Meghan Murray-Cox, Partnerships

Alison Scott, Support

Natalie Franke, Advisor

Hugh Hayes, Advisor

For every curated box bought, we donate a new underwear to I Support The Girls.

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