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Our Story

Simply, Burgundy Fox was started because I couldn’t find a good solution for lingerie. However, it goes much deeper than that. I launched Burgundy Fox at a time in my life where I was discovering true self-confidence. I had began to let go of things that were holding back my self-esteem like toxic relationships and societal beauty standards. I hadn’t always been this way. I reflect back on my teens and twenties and remember all the things I did out of obligation and lack of self-confidence. I was approaching my thirties and finally finding myself.

I was in a long distance relationship and wanted to find something cute and comfortable to wear when I’d see my now husband. I never loved shopping in malls but something about lingerie stores was especially uncomfortable to me. Being asked personal questions in a space you don’t know much about already, felt scary! Sort of like the very first time you go to a nice restaurant and look at their wine menu. You don’t know Merlot from Bordeaux and aren’t sure if you’ll really regret the $50 bottled compared to the $500 one that you’d definitely rather spend on shoes or rent (but it’s a special occasion!) Throw in some deeply seeded body insecurities and it’s enough to make you sweat, turn around and run.

So, I went to a boutique near my apartment one day after work. Being inexperienced and yet experimental, the associate brought me a stash of items, none of which felt cute or comfortable to me. I hated that the experience felt proscribed, from marketing to merchandise. Lingerie always meant ‘sexy’ and ‘sexy’ had a very specific look. Growing up and into my twenties, I struggled with my body image and self-esteem because plainly, I didn’t have that look (oh, but I tried).

It can still be a struggle some days, but I have learned to embrace myself and stop measuring my worth based on how closely I could meet someone else’s ideals. If these ‘perfect’ ideals were shattered and built up again to include all people, the road to self-confidence and empowerment, might be a lot shorter.

If we saw and internalized inherent value towards all bodies, I believe we’d realize the permission to love ourselves. I reimagined the lingerie shopping experience from beginning to end, into one that’d inspire that permission for women in body and mind. Burgundy Fox was born.

P.S. Curious what Burgundy Fox means? I believe there's a 'fox' inside us all, a confident and courageous woman (think Foxy Brown of the 1970s). As a "wine hobbyist" something smooth and bold like Burgundy felt right. We not only love helping you find items you feel amazing in, but sharing content that lets you dream big and live large. I hope you are inspired to find your foxy, each and every day.

Our Values


We listen openly and share honestly so we can better serve our communities.


We question norms and fearlessly create new and better experiences.


We are an inclusive community that advocates empathy and equality for all.


We choose to be compassionate and grateful toward each other and ourselves.

Our Team

Leslie Wong, Founder & CEO

Meghan Murray-Cox, Stylist

Alison Scott, Support

Natalie Franke, Advisor

Hugh Hayes, Advisor

For every box bought, we donate a new undergarment to I Support The Girls.

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