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About Us


To empower women to celebrate themselves by combining authentic content with curated intimate apparel for all sizes.



We listen with open hearts so we can deeply understand and better serve our community.


We champion equality, unseen faces & unheard voices, so we can all reach our fullest potential.


We challenge assumptions and seek insights, so we can continue to create a better experience.


We embrace all bodies as valuable, so we can contribute to a more compassionate and thriving society.


We’re Leslie and Alexis, the co-founders of Burgundy Fox. We want to share how Burgundy Fox came about and why we think lingerie and self-care, matters.

Burgundy Fox was created in 2017 and operates out of Chicago and New York City. Before its creation, we worked at a tech startup in San Francisco. We learned each other’s strengths, how to continually support and motivate each other, communicate effectively and execute impactful tasks for the company and its members. Through our journey of developing into more confident, empowered women, we have each experienced countless moments of insecurity, societal judgement and double standards. Together, we said, no more. Burgundy Fox is our way of creating a world that empowers women and celebrates all our unique, real, qualities.

Intimate apparel is a daily necessity and can be quite an empowering garment. However, the experience of purchasing it is flawed. Branding is antiquated, sizes are severely limited for most American women, the in-store experience is intimidating and styles can feel outdated compared to the lifestyle and ideals of the modern woman. We've decided to create an experience that celebrates all women, promotes self-care over 'sexy' and provides a way for women to give back to other women and girls.

We hope to provide an entirely different experience than what you've been used to and an opportunity to celebrate your amazing self, from the underwear out. Thank you for being on this journey with us. Whether you're on the path to discovering your body confidence, empowering yourself professionally or on a mission to transform beauty standards for future generations, you're in the right place. Your stories truly inspire us and we love hearing from you.


Leslie & Alexis

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