Seamless Episode 15 | Work Bravely: Pushing Past Career Boundaries with Sarah Sheehan, co-founder of Bravely

December 11, 2017

Seamless Episode 15 | Work Bravely: Pushing Past Career Boundaries with Sarah Sheehan, co-founder of Bravely

We sit down for a talk about starting a new business and pushing boundaries as a woman with Sarah Sheehan of Bravely. Bravely has built a next-generation resource for people and teams: a platform that connects employees with expert conflict coaches and “people” professionals called “Pros” for off-the-record phone conversations about all kinds of workplace stress.

No matter how great the company or the culture, there will always be employees who struggle to come forward with issues or concerns. Whether they’re struggling with a colleague or simply feeling stuck, it can be hard to have tough conversations about relationships and performance. The result: people let things bubble up instead of dealing with them head on. That is why Bravely began.

What we chat about:

-The how and why behind starting Bravely (1:30)
-How role playing can help people find their voice (05:59)
-Why speaking to a third person helps with taking feedback (08:20)
-What starting her own business felt like and having imposter syndrome (9:45)
-What piece of lingerie she would be (11:48)

Links we refer to:

Sarah's Bio:

Sarah is the co-founder and chief customer officer at Bravely. Bravely provides off-the-record coaching for employees navigating their workplace, giving them a safe place to start tough conversations. Our easy-to-use platform connects and schedules employees with experienced coaches and HR professionals for conversations about issues of all kinds — from manager-employee conflict to performance review prep. The result: employers retain talent, employees are more proactive and more productive, and work becomes a better place to work.

Where to find HER:



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