Seamless Episode 8: Period Talk

October 29, 2017

Seamless Episode 8: Period Talk

When you buy tampons, are you making a conscious choice? Do you opt for the same pink-labeled box your mother handed you in seventh grade without second thought, eager to get home before it's too late to consider ordering take-out for dinner.
In this episode, BF intern Nicole Fallert spoke with Molly Hayward about social entrepreneurship, the power of partnerships and accessibility.

What we chat about:

-How Cora got started (1:50)
-How the mission of Cora is central to their work (4:20)
-The way Cora helps social change in another country or community (6:32)
-What expertise is and how to really understand what awareness is (8:25)
-What periods look like in India, (11:36)
-What the definition of “wellness” is (13:25)
-How Cora is accessible to women (18:59)
-What organic means for their product (21:10)
-What “Seamless” is for her (24:53)

Links we refer to:

-New York Magazine
-Cora Partnership with Target

Molly Hayward's Bio:

Molly Hayward is redefining the way women are learning about menstruation, purchasing products and giving back. She's the co-founder of Cora, a modern feminine product brand that delivers tailored tampon orders to subscribers.
Hayward is at the helm of a global movement to change the language around periods. For every Cora subscription, a month's supply of pads and education is given to girls in India and Kenya.

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