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Deliciously Fun Boudoir By Inspired Eye Photography

Posted by The Burgundy Fox Team on

You never know how fun a photo shoot will be, and we loved this photoshoot very much. Baking can always cause a mess but the Inspired Eye Photography turned it into a sexy and fun scene.

Here is what Inspired Eye Photography and their model, Hana, had to say about this session:

"In preparation for her wedding, Hana wanted to have a little fun with her boudoir shoot. I love in-home sessions; my clients always feel just a little more comfortable. We wanted to do something simple and different from a traditional shoot so we decided to bake some cupcakes. I adore these images because they really show Hana's personality - fun loving and sultry."

Check out the details of the photoshoot below!

Highlights Of the Session:

photographer: Inspired Eye Photography

Submitted via: TwoBrightLights

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