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Episode 27 | Underneath it all: Creative Business & Boudoir with Suzy Goodrick

Posted by Seamless Podcast on

Suzy Goodrick is a talented photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Her time behind the lens started at a young age and followed her into adulthood. We discuss creative burnouts, balancing what's personal and professional on social media, the rise of boudoir sessions, why she's giving away an entire wedding and more!

What we chat about:

  • Developing as a Photographer 2:20

  • Ouch! It’s a Burnout! 6:30

  • Balancing Personal & Professional Lives 8:15

  • Inside a Boudoir Session 11:35

  • Phoenix Get Hitched - Wedding Giveaway! 19:20

  • Suzy’s Self Care Routine 22:00

  • The Power of Black Lace 24:00

Where to find out more about Suzy Goodrick:

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