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What's Your Lingerie Style?

Posted by Leslie Wong & Alexis Jenkins on

It’s easy to assume that lingerie is ‘one type of look’ when you’ve been fed a certain ideal of it for decades through advertisement, catalogs, and TV!

Trust us, when we first told our family & friends we were creating a lingerie company, we got some awkward looks and questions. When most people think of lingerie, they envision that classic image of lingerie that hasn’t shifted since the 90’s...a push-up bra, bright lacy (scratchy looking) material, weird clips and straps (literally every woman we talked to before launching Burgundy Fox spoke in utter detest about garters), nude stockings (who even owns nylons anymore?!) and some curious form of underwear we would NEVER wear under a pair of jeans.

Hey, it’s all good if you like these things. The fact lingerie hadn’t changed for so long and we knew of a totally different experience IRL, caused us to want to create a ‘new’ lingerie experience, one that was more modern and realistic. The single biggest misconception about lingerie is that it’s not for everyone. Take that how you want to. We know that lingerie is for everyone. No matter your size, ability, age, whether you like ‘girly things’ or not, whether you are single & dating or a mom of 3, there is something that makes you feel good, something you can put on to recharge. For now we’re focusing on women and women identified, but who knows what the future will hold. Everyone deserves to feel good in their own skin and have garments that support that (literally).

So, with that in mind, we’ve created our first Lingerie Personality Quiz that has none of the decades old notions of lingerie that you’d expect. So kick back, have fun, take the 5 question quiz and find out what lingerie fits your personality (not the other way around).

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