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How To Feel Healthy On Vacation

Posted by Natalie Holbrook on

We’ve all been there: do all you can to diet and overexert your body in grueling workouts to tighten up or drop a few pounds before vacation. Once you're there, you are so excited the diet is over, you go crazy!

When the day before you might be ending a juice cleanse, and the next you're overloading with pasta, margs and desserts. This brings our bodies into a state of shock, potentially leading to more bloating and diminishing all the hard work you did to prep! Thankfully, it’s totally possible to stay fit and healthy with tons of energy on vacay.

1. Stay Hydrated

Each morning aim to drink at least 12-24 oz of water. Do this before coffee (which we love, but is also a dehydrating diuretic) and before you eat breakfast. Water will aid with digestion and toxins, increasing your metabolism and reinforcing your natural electrolyte energy (hello, sodium and potassium). H2O also depresses bloating and will keep you more full throughout the day. Did you know that a common misconception for both exhaustion and hunger is dehydration? So before thinking you need another snack or espresso, down a bottle of water then see how you feel.

2. Move It and Groove It

Just because it’s finally time to relax, doesn’t mean it’s time to stop moving! Find adventures and take advantage of your healthy body while exploring! Make it a fun way to see even more of your destination: stretch out any post-plane tension with a yoga class, swim in the ocean, take a walking tour instead of a bus tour. Go for a morning run in your temporary hood and sweat it all out by dancing the night away.  

3. Appreciate the Local Food

Up your culture cool by eating like a local. Try their poke bowls, chicken pad thai, duck confit or classic margherita pizza. Eat and appreciate as locals do without the need to go overboard. Aim for greens each day, and protein with at least two meals of the day (eggs, fish, chicken, beans, tofu, etc). Notice the differences in how the food is prepared. Challenge yourself to mindfully awaken your senses to the spices, textures and flavors of cultural foods.  

4. Use Digestive Enzymes

74% of Americans suffer some sort of digestive issue, and this usually doesn’t get better while on vacations. Whether we pick up a bout of food poisoning, taking digestive enzymes with your meals are a sure way to keep things moving and help your food absorb. I highly recommend the brand Digest Gold. Take the supplement with lunch and dinner to ensure proper digestion and avoid inconvenient tummy troubles.

5. Have Gratitude

Vacation releases that feel-good dopamine and indulging while on vacation is nothing short of a double whammy. Order you want and take a silent moment to appreciate what you’re about to enjoy. Eat slowly and savor.

About the Author:

Natalie Holbrook is a wellness expert. You can follow her on Instagram at @Livinggypset.

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