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The Fearless Fox Box: Giving Back to Women & Girls

Posted by Leslie Wong & Alexis Jenkins on

At Burgundy Fox, our mission is to support, encourage and celebrate women of all sizes. As two female founders, we know that positive or negative self-esteem starts at adolescence. We both recall the first experiences when we felt embarassed of our bodies for being too fat and too dark, as early as 10. The onslaught of content and ads bombarded us as young girls and continues to influence young girls still. We've made it our job to ensure we are a brand that encourages inclusivity, to be the brand that positively influences the confidence of women and girls. Besides our content, it is important for us to give back and actively support women and girls in need of support (no pun intended). This is how the Fearless Fox box, was born.

For every box purchased, we donate a Fearless Fox box to non-profit organizations that benefit women, teenage and pre-teen girls in need. A Fearless Fox box contains a confidence-boosting note from us, the Burgundy Fox founders, and a brand new bralette or pair of underwear by one of our brand partners. Every underwear subscription or gift donates an underwear, and every lingerie subscription or gift donates a bralette, all sweetly packaged in a Fearless Fox box.

We are so thrilled about this new program and can’t wait to share the special experience you have from your box, with other women and girls who need it, too. THANK YOU for making this dream possible.


Leslie & Alexis

An example of the underwear we'll send. The above underwear is by Blush Lingerie

If you have suggestions, questions or want to contribute wellness products to the Fearless Fox box, us email us at hello@burgundyfox.com.

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