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Episode 23 | Better Together: Building Strong Communities with Brady Campbell

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We’re hanging out with Brady Campbell of Galvanize San Francisco. Galvanize is a collaboration space in San Francisco that provides space for students and entrepreneurs a space to network, learn and level in their goals and careers.

Brady started at Galvanize’s campus in Denver Colorado as their 6th employee and first events manager and after growing rapidly in just four and a half years, she is now the the VP of Strategy and Development for Galvanize.

She is a Southerner who has hopped, skipped and jumped her way to the Bay Area. She has focused on building a strong community that creates access to the tech industry by way of transformational education.

What we chat about:

-How Leslie & Brady connected (4:20)
-Building Community (6:28)
-Developing members and yourself (8:55)
-Diversity & Technology (15:32)
-Entrepreneurship (18:50)

Where to find out more about galvanize:

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