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Episode 22 | Founder Fodder: Thoughts on Valentine's Day with Leslie Wong and Alexis Jenkins

Posted by Seamless Podcast on

We're sitting down with ourselves today! Co-founders, Leslie Wong and Alexis Jenkins, wanted to sit down an share their thoughts on Valentine's Day. Listen to what the holiday means to them, what they deem to be romantic, a surprise gift, and their earliest memories of the holiday and how it's shaped their views on it today.

What we chat about:

-What we think about Valentine's Day (2:18)
-Our romantic traditions (5:50)
-What romance means to us (8:09)
-Sharing a secret gift! (9:07)
-Where we'll be on Valentine's Day (11:15)
-Earliest memory of Valentine's Day (12:50)
-The realities of gift giving (18:00)
-Thoughts on Cupid (27:17)

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