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Seamless Episode 21 | On The Grid: Working Through Transitions as a CEO, with Ashley Behnke, founder of Spot Loc8r

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We sit down for a talk about working through transitions of life and becoming a CEO of a start-up with Ashley Behnke, founder of Spot Loc8r. She shares about gaining confidence, having imposter syndrome, and a huge life event that made her really lean into her start up.

Spot Loc8r is: A digital media platform that helps content creators scout locations quickly and easily.

The idea of Spot Loc8r came about when creator, Ashley Behnke, recognized a pain point she was experiencing when trying locate “shareworthy” spots. A shareworthy spot is a place one would want to take photos of and share with others by posting to social media platforms like a blog or instagram. Ashley found that it was taking her way too long to: First, discover locations that she was interested in visiting, then second, researching these spots she was able to find and feeling confident in that location choice, and third, having to somehow take that information she gathered from multiple sources and save it to go back to and use for later.

What we chat about:

-How Ashley became the solo founder of Spot Loc8r (03:20)
-Being a mom and starting a new business (07:38)
-Being a creative and dealing with depression with a partner (09:15)
-Pushing past discomfort in busienss (13:09)
-Imposter syndrome and how to deal with it ( 14:45)
-Transitioning into a new business (18:22)
-Finding self-confidence (19:55)
-What she would tell her past self (26:32)

Links we refer to:

Ashley's Bio:

Ashley Behnke is a serial entrepreneur, creative and Founder of Spot Loc8r. With her startup, Spot Loc8r, she's invigorated every day as she works to help creatives thrive doing what they love. Ashley resides in Austin, TX with her husband and two toddler boys, Theo and Ollie.

Where to find HER:



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