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Seamless Episode 19 | Busting Out: Redefining Fit for Women, with Kristen Allen, Founder of Exclusively Kristen

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We sit down for a talk about creating a new brand and inclusivity with Kristen Allen, founder of Exclusively Kristen. She shares with us how the idea of Exclusively Kristen came to be and why exactly she wants to change the fashion industry.

Exclusively Kristen offers Fashion solutions for large busted women.

Exclusively Kristen shirts, blouses, and dresses are custom made to our exact specifications and demanding standards of quality. They are uniquely designed to fit and flatter buxom bust lines, with precise proportions and fabrics that provide stretch and eliminate pulling and gaping. Designed with the professional woman in mind, Exclusively Kristen apparel transitions from the workplace to the social hour with aplomb. Always chic, always appropriate, our designs allow the wearer to feel confident, classy and well-dressed for any occasion.

What we chat about:

-The why and how Exclusively Kristen (2:05)
-Why manufacturing is such a struggle (5:06)
-What she wants to see in the near future for her brand (6:44)
-What her educational background is and how it has pivoted (9:45)
-How she learned pattern design (11:21)
-Where she sees herself in the fashion industry (15:08)
-What feedback looks like for her brand (20:06)
-What is her go to underwear (24:59)

Links we refer to:

Kristen's Bio:

Kristen Allen is the Founder and President of Exclusively Kristen, a Brooklyn based e-commerce business specializing in clothes and accessories for large busted women. Kristen started the company because she knew firsthand that there was a large, underserved market of women who wanted flattering, properly fitted, and professional attire. So she set to work designing, manufacturing, and sourcing key pieces specifically for women with large bosoms -- and Exclusively Kristen was born.

Kristen's entrepreneurial pursuits began as a preteen when she started selling handmade jewelry in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. A few years later, she put her plans to start a small business on hold in order to focus on her education. She graduated from high school with honors and then attended Oberlin College. During her college career, she was awarded summer fellowships in the field of the biological sciences and in 2004, she graduated with a B.A. in biology. She then focused on a career in physical science as a lab technician and research assistant before deciding to go back to school in order to obtain a graduate degree in anthropology. As a graduate student at Temple University, she was awarded fellowships in order to do research during the summer at private hospitals in Central and South America. She was also a teaching assistant for introductory anthropology courses, which laid the foundation for her subsequent career in higher education. After a few years in higher education administration, Kristen decided that the time was right to launch her dream business: a fashion-focused company providing stylish solutions for large-breasted women.

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