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A Newlywed’s Guide To Bridal Lingerie

Posted by Alexis Jenkins on

Everyone knows that planning a wedding is stressful, from selecting the venue to deciding whether or not to hire a calligrapher for the invitations. As a former bride-to-be, I diligently managed the planning process until it came to bridal lingerie.

Before my wedding, the only thing I knew about lingerie was Victoria’s Secret. Every time I stepped into the store, I felt a wave of intimidation and overwhelm as the Victoria’s Secret Angels stared down at me from gigantic posters on the walls. So I pushed bridal lingerie to the bottom of the wedding to-do list and focused on other things.

As the big day got closer, it came bubbling back to the top. My bridal shower was a collection of the women closest to me: my mother, fiancés mother, aunts, bridesmaids and childhood friends. After an endless brunch buffet and mimosas, it was time to open gifts. From cookbooks to cheese plates, I received just about everything, even lingerie. Here’s the problem, some of the lingerie pieces were NOT my style. From a turquoise and rhinestone bra and panty set to a leopard print push-up bra, some of my generous aunties didn’t quite get my style or size. This is when I knew, I had to take matters into my own hands.

Below are three rules I followed to help me find the perfect pieces...

Rule Number 1: Create a budget

Lingerie can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! Create a budget that makes sense for your wallet. Remember to look for pieces that you can wear over and over again and not just for the wedding or honeymoon. Try a nightie or a romper, which you could wear to sleep after the wedding and could even double as a pool cover-up (no one will know!)

Rule Number 2: Bridal lingerie isn’t only for your partner

Nothing looks sexier than confidence. When you’re trying on items, don’t worry if your partner will find it sexy. Whatever you feel comfortable in, your partner will find sexy. Lingerie doesn’t need to be extravagant in order to be sexy, it can be as simple as a sheer full-length nightgown or a matching bra and panty set. If it makes you say, “damn girl!” when you look in the mirror, your partner will echo that sentiment!

Rule 3: Bring in friendly reinforcements

I’m lucky to have amazing friends who thoughtfully brought me to a boutique to try on pieces. They made the experience fun, silly and enjoyable. Sometimes you need someone who will bring out of your comfort zone to show you just how awesome you are.

Since purchasing lingerie for my wedding, I’ve become slightly obsessed with it, which made joining Burgundy Fox a no brainer! I feel so good slipping into a silk nightgown as I settle into bed. I love wearing a sexy two piece underneath my work clothes. Lingerie should be fun, empowering, and confident building. That’s why Burgundy Fox is the perfect solution. We should no longer accept a world that tells you to be different from who you are! Burgundy Fox embraces you by sending curated pieces that fit your exact specifications – both in style and size!

About the Author:

Alexis Jenkins is a co-founder and the Head of Product for Burgundy Fox. Over the past five years, she has built a reputation in building a solid and scalable customer experience for companies. As the seventh person to join HoneyBook, she helped to build an award-winning company culture and a reputable customer experience. At Burgundy Fox, her mission is to build a community with diverse, confident and empowered women. Currently, she resides in New York City with her husband.

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