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Real talk

  • "I LOVE this service! I've always wanted to buy lingerie but never actually did ... and now I have a collection of sassy pieces without having had to think about it. It's giving yourself a little gift every month ... because you know you definitely deserve it."

    Cindy H.

  • "My newest bra is so cute and comfortable. I’m so pleased that every bra is better than the last and your stylist is really catering to me. I absolutely love your company and what you are doing for women. The pieces make me feel so empowered and confident and I love getting a little present every month! I open the box to a surprise and I’m thrilled every single time."

    Breena C.

  • "Getting my Burgundy Fox box is absolutely one of the highlights of my month! The boxes are clearly curated with so much thought, love and customization! It's not just the lingerie I love, it's all the little extra goodies and touches that make it so special. Every woman needs this!"

    Natalie H.

  • "I am blown away. From the presentation to the packaging to the ah-mazing goodies tucked inside, this box is a slam dunk. My favorite part? What's inside was perfectly curated just for me! It's crazy how something I never would have picked off the shelves somehow fit me and my personality so perfectly. Obsessed doesn't even begin to cover it." 

    Katherine S.

  • "I just got my October box and I LOOOVE the pieces--it's probably the nicest piece of lingerie I've ever owned, soooo excited to use it for my boudoir shoot!"

    Lauren S.

  • "I love this pajama set so much! I want all of my clothes made out of this material. It's practical enough for everyday, but still cute. The hand lotion extra couldn't have come at a better time, either! The scent is great, but it's not overwhelming."

    Praggya R.

  • "Every item I have received from Burgundy Fox so far has exceeded my expectations. I never really bought lingerie before, so having someone to choose it for me was a HUGE plus, as I wouldn’t know what to get for myself. I’ve never felt more beautiful in and satisfied with any other delivered product than I am with my curated Burgundy Fox box! Thank you so much!!!"

    Amanda R.

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